Local Jewellery Labels That’ll Satisfy Your Penchant For Minimalism


Sleek, elegant, and devoid of ostentation – is it any wonder that minimalistic jewellery has made a permanent home in our otherwise cluttered hearts? If, like us, you steer clear of flamboyance and frilly embellishments, then simplistic designs are probably your signature style of jewellery. Since they’re no-brainers that go with anything and everything, they’re pretty much the little black dress of the accessory world, which is why every brand has turned its attention to the trend.

With plenty of mainstream brands churning out similar pieces for the masses, it can seem a little lacklustre after a while. Don’t worry though, we’ve whittled down our search to a few local jewellery brands that have piqued our interest. It’s time you got acquainted with these minimalist-minded jewellery labels that promise maximum effect.

The Ordinary Co.

If you seek feminine designs tinkered with unique details, we’d like to point you in the direction of The Ordinary Co. Owned by Monica Lie, the label’s understated jewellery will complement your features and add a touch of elegance instead of overwhelming your whole look. Not to mention, they’ve got a pair of knot earrings that are perfect for the broke individuals still pining after those Céline ones.

Shop The Ordinary Co. on theordinary.co.



Of Trying Times

Despite its melodramatic name, Of Trying Times isn’t exactly about lamenting through hardship. It’s actually how its founder Peixin Tan (who goes by Pixie T.) redirects her pessimism and anxiety through experimental creation. For instance, the & Sleepless Nights collection features the different phases of the moon, which is connected to our moon-gazing sessions that occur when we’re kept awake by our worries. A simple yet poetic sentiment that elevates the significance of everyday jewellery, don’t you think?

Shop Of Trying Times on oftryingtimes.com and naiise.com.



Amado Gudek

Using only eco-friendly bioresins and other natural materials, Elaine Tan fiddles with mixed media for her sustainable jewellery line, Amado Gudek. Her alternative take to jewellery-making draws attention to her ideas, design, and form, each piece meticulously handcrafted with an artistic flair. She has collaborated with the aforementioned brand, Of Trying Times, and more recently, Matter Prints. If you’d like a sneak peek at her crafting process, have a look here.

Shop Amado Gudek from these stockists.



State Property

Founded by Afzal Imram and Lin Ruiyin, State Property specialises in jewellery with bolder, sculptural qualities that are anything but dainty. Think clean, solid pieces of jewellery that will hone and anchor your minimalist ensembles. Though they’ve embraced a lighter aesthetic recently with coloured gems and hints of playfulness, we still carve out some time to admire their Substate and Substate II collections, replete with sleek sterling silver cuff bracelets, acrylic and bauxite ore earrings, and large rings of geometric shapes.

Shop State Property on thisisstateproperty.com.




Helmed by Shing Lee, Argentum is a jewellery line that’s practically made for the rebels with an appreciation for all things black, leather, and necromantic. Her main medium may be silver, but they don’t glimmer like your typical shiny whites – the patinas span across a dilapidated white to an ashy grey. She incorporates rubber, lace, leather, mesh, and even bone to some of her creations – perfect to adorn yourself with before heading out for a walk in the nearby cemetery. If you’re 110% done with the moronic stereotype of diamonds being a girl’s best friend, you’ll fall in love with these creations.

Shop Argentum from these stockists.

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